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Whats it all about? A Quick Summary of Camogie

The sport of Hurling is an amateur sport and when women play the game it's called Camogie. Hurling used to be played with up to hundreds per side between villages in ancient times. It is now limited to 15.

Hurling is played using a stick (hurl) and a ball (sliotar). The bas (bottom) of the hurl should not exceed 13 cm in width. The hurl is made of ash wood and the sliotar which weighs 90-110 grams should be 21cm in circumference.

There are fifteen players per team, 1 goalkeeper, 6 defenders, 2 midfielders, and 6 forwards. 5 substitutions are allowed per match.

Controlling the game are 1 referee, 2 linesmen, and 4 goal umpires.

Matches consist of two 30-minute halves.

The goals are shaped like an "H". A point is scored if the ball goes over the crossbar and a goal, worth 3 points, is scored if the ball passes under the crossbar.

A player may:
  • strike the sliotar on the ground or in the air with the hurl
  • lift the sliotar off the ground with the hurl;
  • after gaining possession of the sliotar, carry the sliotar, either balancing it or hopping it, on the hurl, and take the sliotar from the hurl into her hand a second time to play it away from her;
  • catch the sliotar with one hand;
  • strike or hand-pass the sliotar with one hand;
  • turn while holding the sliotar;
  • take four steps while holding the sliotar;
  • kick the sliotar.

All players welcome

Tara Camogie Club, London have both JUNIOR & SENIOR and we welcome players of all standards, from beginners to experienced players. So if you fancy taking up or returning to camogie then get in touch. Its a great way to make instant friends in London
T: +44 (0) 777 1957 341
E: camogielondon@gmail.com

Tara Camogie 7s

Our provisional date for our Annual Camogie 7s competition is Saturday 27th Arpil 2019. If your Club may be interested in attending do contact us for more details.
T: +44 (0) 777 1957 341
E: camogielondon@gmail.com

Tara Picture History

We have put together a site for photos Through the Years. This will be an ongoing project so if you have any photos, particulary of the early years, do send them onto us and we will add them. Its great to look back at all the perms and innocent fun

All Britain Camogie Results 2018

Senior Championship Camogie 2018
Senior champs runs through September and October. For 2018 Tara, Croydon, a combo team from Thomas McCurtain and Green Isles and Shire Gaels from Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham will compete
Intermediate Championship Camogie 2018
Fullen Gaels of Manchester beat John Mitchells of Birmingham
Junior Championship Camogie 2018
Liverpool Wolfe Tones beat Pearse
Tara Tournament 2018
Senior Cup winners - Cappataggle of Galway beat Patrickswell of Limerick in the Getjar Senior Cup
Senior Plate winners - Europe

All Britain Camogie Results 2017

Senior Championship Camogie 2017
Tara retain the Senior Cup beating Croydon 1-13 v 11-5
Intermediate Championship Camogie 2017
John Mitchells of Birmingham beat Tara intermediates. Final held at Pairc na hEireann with an Opening Cermony which included bagpipes and parade
Junior Championship Camogie 2017
Fullen Gaels of Manchester 5-11 v 4-3 Liverpool Wolfe Tones
Tara Tournament 2017
Senior Cup winners - Clooney Quin Clare v Scariff
Senior Plate winners - Tara v Bridgin Og Antrim
Junior Cup winners - European combination team
Junior Plate winners - Bros Pearse


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Phone : + 44 (0) 777 1957 341


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